• A comedic photo of a cheetah appearing to find something hilarious
  • Burrowing Owlets quite pleased with themselves for flying up to a low perch and for a split second the owlet to the rear was directly behind the one in front
  • A baby elephant face-plants the ground
  • A harvest mouse appearing to be waving at the camera
  • A puffin has some fun
  • An inquisitive bald eagle
  • A mountain gorilla is caught on camera picking its nose
  • Eastern Chipmunk stuffing her cheeks with corn until they looked ready to pop at Wasaga Beach
  • An adorable little monkey makes a snowball
  • Alpaca with bad hair and goofy teeth
  • One very content snowy owl
  • Two penguins appear to be walking headless
  • A macro photograph of honey bee tentacles, titled, Just putting on my pearls before I hit the town
© Photo. Dutton Robert / Barcroft Images
Un guépard qui a découvert quelque chose de très amusant pris en photo par Dutton Robert.

Voici des photos qui vous feront sûrement sourire, celles du concours de la photo animale la plus drôle de l’année « Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 »!

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